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Signal Coverage

From commercial, home, to vehicle, we guarantee all-round and optimum signal boosting coverage solution with our experts.

Signal Coverage Solution for Business

#1 For Business

Lower Cost, Enhancing Profit.

Signal Coverage Up to 20,000 Sq. M

Signal Coverage Solution for Home

#2 For Home

Fewer Boundary, Boosting Comfort.

Super Strong Signal Up to 80dB Gain

Signal Coverage Solution for Vehicle

#3 For Vehicle

Going Farther, Extending Convenience.

5-Bar Stable Signal Assured

Better Long-Term Investment

Being the exclusive direct partner of local China carriers, ATNJ is proud to bring you most durable signal amplifiers and take you farther than ever.

  • Built-in AGC/ALC

    Auto-monitor an input signal and adjust output power to avoid interference with a cell tower for better efficiency.

    AGC ALC Icon
  • Superior PCB

    Best PCB including ATMEL, STM chips, and the in-house burn process for a better custom program.

    PCB Icon
  • Complete Shielding

    Most rational combination of the built-in spacer makes the data obey the set signal route, significantly improving communication.

    Shielding Icon
  • Smart APP Control

    Remote tuning to get a better setting by your mobile APP. Always getting smarter with the ATNJ booster.

    Smart App Control Icon
  • All Carriers, Full Spectrum

    Works with all carriers, all cellular devices, covers full frequency from 2G-4G LTE for better performance.

    mobile signal icon
  • More Simultaneous Users

    Anyone within range gets better reception, more simultaneous users enjoy stronger connection for better experience.

    mobile signal simultaneous user icon
  • Anti-Interference

    No interference with other wireless devices. Selected materials, remarkable craftsmanship lead to better functioning.

    mobile signal anti interference shield icon
  • Network Safe

    CE and RoHS Certified. Qualified booster guarantees safer and more stable network surfing.

    safe mobile signal network icon


State-of-the-art facilities and genuine materials well merged with experienced talents. ATNJ produces industry-leading cellular repeaters.

  • Automatic Machining and Assembly
  • Agilent, Rohde & Schwarz Instruments
  • ATMEL, STM PCB with Self-burning Program
  • Patented Innovative Design, Ongoing R&D
  • Institute Professors' Academic Support
  • Experts with Over 20 Years of RF Experience
Most Advanced Agilent Instrument
PCB Design

OEM/ODM Bespoke Services

We have in-house domestic and overseas designers at your service.

Highly custom on your demand:

  • Professional floor plan analysis & system design.
  • PCB in-house burn process for your own driver.
  • Frequency band tailored for all operators.
  • LCD display contents for your specific needs.
  • All matching items in and out.

Want to start a customized coverage optimization solution? Talk to us

Complete Turnkey Guidance

With complete turnkey guidance, from the booster and antenna selection to a network layout, from the 24-hour troubleshooting service on standby to lifetime technical consulting, we will be your strong backup force behind the products. Let's see how it works.

  • Thorough Use Guidance
  • Experienced Technical Advice
  • 24/7 Service
  • Lifetime Support
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Complete Guildance Research And Development

Certified Quality,
No Compromise

We never compromise on quality, always use the best possible materials:
Solid steel alloy casting allows for better protection and heat dissipation.
Sufficient aluminum crosser makes the internal signal well-aligned and reduces external interference.
Advanced PCB with in-house burn process for better quality.

CE Approval RoHS Approval ISO9001 Approval
Unfold ATNJ Quality
Quality Control Testing

Success Cases

This is why we love our job. We enjoy helping you successfully solve the problem.


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