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Company News About Why is the signal poor?
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Why is the signal poor?

Latest company news about Why is the signal poor?

latest company news about Why is the signal poor?  0


1, Number of base stations is insufficient, or there is no network communication facilities, resulting in weak signal or unable to connect with internet, call interruption and other situations, which generally occurs in the suburbs, mountainous areas and other places, belonging to the signal blind area. In this case, only out of the weak signal area or no signal area to call again.

2, Signal would be felt weak in high floor. In fact, the high floors are also covered by signal, but because in high floor, there are many kind of signal from many base stations nearby, and the mobile phone will frequently switch between these base stations, resulting in poor signal.

3, Because electromagnetic waves from some pseudo base stations and antennas will interfere with the signal, resulting in bad mobile phone signal.

4, In the peak period of daily calls, call volume saturation, or in the busy city caused by the call intensive, will lead to the phone can not dial out and call in, the phone is in a busy state.

5, Mobile phone signal is straight-line transmission, the more obstruction to the signal , the signal will be weak, such as basement, elevator, mountains, trees, etc.

6, Weather can also cause bad mobile phone signals, such as typhoon and thunderstorm.

7, The problems of mobile phone itself, such as poor reception ability of mobile phone and damaged core components, will cause weak signal of mobile phone.

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