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Company News About Why are mobile phone signal amplifiers widely used?
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Why are mobile phone signal amplifiers widely used?

Latest company news about Why are mobile phone signal amplifiers widely used?

We can often see that mobile phone signal amplifiers are installed in many places such as tall buildings, basements, shopping malls, restaurants, karaoke sauna massage and other entertainment places, underground civil air defense projects, subway stations and so on, so as to solve the problem of signal difference in these signal blind areas and weak areas. Why are mobile phone signal amplifiers widely used by users? There are five main reasons.

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1. With the rapid development of the mobile communication industry, mobile communication users are also increasing, resulting in smaller and smaller cellular planning, lower and lower base station location and smaller signal coverage.


2. With the development of urban construction, high-rise buildings continue to emerge. Based on the shadow effect of wireless transmission, the signal blind area of mobile communication will be formed behind or in the middle layer of these high-rise buildings.

3. During the construction of cellular mobile communication base station, because the interference of adjacent cells should be avoided, the main lobe of the antenna radiation field pattern has a large downward inclination, so that the middle and upper parts of high-rise buildings generally can not receive signals effectively.

4. Due to the shielding effect of buildings on electromagnetic waves, some closed large amplifier systems such as tunnels, subways, underground shopping malls, entertainment cities, parking lots, hotels and office buildings can be used well in the whole range of mobile phone signals, which brings great convenience to the staff or guests inside.

5. The construction of base stations in some remote areas is not in place, and users need operators to build additional base stations. However, the signal coverage project is recommended to have a long period and cost a lot, so most users prefer to install mobile phone signal amplifiers for signal coverage.