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Company News About Basic knowledge and working principle of mobile signal repeater
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Basic knowledge and working principle of mobile signal repeater

Latest company news about Basic knowledge and working principle of mobile signal repeater

Why is mobile signal repeater needed?

There are four main reasons,

1, With the rapid development of mobile communication industry, the number of mobile communication users is increasing, so that the cellular network planning is getting smaller and smaller, the location of base station is getting lower and lower, and the signal coverage is getting smaller and smaller;

2, With the development of urban construction, high-rise buildings continue to emerge. Based on the shadow effect of wireless communication, the signal blind area of mobile communication will be formed behind or in the middle layer of these high-rise buildings

3, During the construction of cellular mobile signal base station, in order to avoid the interference of adjacent cells, the main lobe of its antenna radiation pattern has a large dip angle, so that the middle and upper parts of high-rise buildings can not receive signals effectively

4, Due to the shielding effect of buildings on electromagnetic waves, some closed large buildings can not receive mobile communication signals normally, such as tunnels, subways, underground shopping malls, parking lots, hotels and office buildings.

Mobile signal repeater is to solve the above four problems. As long as a set of mobile signal repeater is installed in a specific place, the signal of the whole range can be amplified well, bringing great convenience to the staff or guests. Mobile signal can effectively solve the problem of weak signal, such as in tall buildings, office buildings, basements, restaurants, villas, elevator, etc.

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Basic knowledge of mobile signal repeater

1, Is the interference of mobile signal repeater large to base station?

Radio waves from mobile signal repeater would interfere to the base station. Generally the interference of mobile signal repeater with power 100mW can be ignored. Higher of the power and closer to the base station, the greater of the interference.

2, Is the radiation of mobile signal repeater harmful to human body?

Any electronic device has a certain amount of radiation. The higher the power of the equipment, the greater the radiation. Generally, there would be a large radiation from device with power over 5W (37dBm). Power of a general mobile signal repeater is within 200mW(23dBm), and after it is transmitted to indoor antenna, power is 5mW(7dBm), and the radiation to human body is even less than that of household appliances.

Without mobile signal repeater, the radiation power can reach 1W (30dBm) in weak signal environment while making a call,. With ATNJ mobile signal repeater, the radiation power is low to 10mW(10dBm) while making a call, that is after installing ATNJ mobile signal repeater in the poor signal environment, the radiation of mobile phone is greatly reduced during a call.


Working principle of mobile signal repeater

Downlink: Outdoor antenna receives signal from base station, and after amplified by mobile signal repeater, signal would be transmitted to indoor antenna. Indoor antenna would spread signal to users mobile phone.

Uplink: Users mobile phone transmits signal, which would be received by indoor antenna, and transmitted to mobile signal repeater. After signal is amplified by the device, it would be transmitted to the base station through outdoor antenna.