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Shenzhen Atnj Communication Technology Co., Ltd. company FAQ

Q Are you trading company or manufacturer ? Could I use our own logo and label?

We are factory, with trading service. We provide OEM/OEM service.


We are a professional RF factory mainly engaged in R&D, production, manufacturing, sales, and technical services with 12 years of experience.

Main products: small, medium, and high power 2G,3G,4G, and 5G signal repeaters with multi-frequency combination, digital multi-subband signal repeaters, digital optical fiber repeaters, various types of RF modules, etc.

Meanwhile, we undertake OEM/ODM services and projects of various RF, wireless repeaters, multi-frequency DAS systems, remote network management center OAM, and equipment provision of indoor and outdoor signal coverage projects.




Q Can I use your device in suburbs or remote areas?

Yes, as long as you can find a good signal source, our signal booster can help you solve signal problems in remote areas.

Q Is it safe to use a cell phone repeater?

Everybody knows that mobile phones emit radiation that harms our health. The good news is that by using a cell phone repeater you can significantly reduce the level of radiation emitted by your phone. Additionally, every cell phone repeater from our store meets the international standards of CE and RoHS.

Q Is it easy to set up your items?

Yes. We have a user manual and support technical support 24/7.

Q Can I cover several rooms and floors with a cell phone repeater?

Yes, our devices can improve the signal in separate rooms and floors. For such a requirement, please choose one of the most powerful models of cell phone repeaters. The process may get more complicated if a building has concrete walls or metal partitions. In such circumstances, we recommend that you contact us to choose the best repeater for your situation and needs.

Q How does a cell phone repeater work?

A cell phone repeater is a bi-directional device that catches a mobile signal from the nearest cellular tower and amplifies it to improve the quality of your mobile environment. This has the dual effect of improving your reception and increasing the signal sent from your phone. The major purpose of using a cell phone repeater is to add an extra 2-3 bars to your usual mobile reception. For detailed information, please contact us.

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