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Company News About What are the precautions for installing a signal amplifier
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What are the precautions for installing a signal amplifier

Latest company news about What are the precautions for installing a signal amplifier

  The mobile phone signal amplifier is specially designed to improve the problem of weak signal and no signal. The whole set of signal amplifier is mainly composed of signal amplifier host, receiving antenna and transmitting antenna. A host with a signal amplifier is also the most convenient and effective way to improve mobile phone signals.



  Mobile phone signal amplifier (professional name: repeater) consists of antenna, radio frequency duplexer, low noise amplifier, mixer, ESC attenuator, filter, power amplifier and other components or modules to form up and down amplification links. The basic principle of its work is: use the forward antenna (donor antenna) to receive the downlink signal of the base station into the repeater, amplify the useful signal through the low-noise amplifier, suppress the noise signal in the signal, and improve the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N ratio). ); then down-converted to the intermediate frequency signal, filtered by the filter, amplified at the intermediate frequency, and then up-converted to the radio frequency by frequency shifting, amplified by the power amplifier, and transmitted to the mobile station by the backward antenna (retransmission antenna); at the same time, the backward antenna is used. The uplink signal of the mobile station is received, and is processed by the uplink amplification link along the opposite path: that is, it is transmitted to the base station through a low noise amplifier, a downconverter, a filter, an intermediate amplifier, an upconverter, and a power amplifier. So as to achieve two-way communication between the base station and the mobile station.

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What are the precautions for installing a mobile phone signal amplifier?

  1. When purchasing, pay attention. Generally, there are two kinds of large Yagi antennas and small antennas on the market. The larger antenna has a larger gain, but at the same time, the radiation is also relatively large, which is suitable for the improvement of mobile phone signals in factories and other places. It is generally recommended to use a small suction cup antenna at home, and the radiation is relatively small.


  2. Do not install the indoor antenna and the outdoor antenna inversely. The principle of the machine is to transfer the outdoor signal to the indoor for amplification, so the interface of the indoor Indoor and the outdoor outdoor cannot be reversed, otherwise it will have no effect.



  3. The distance between the host and the outdoor antenna should be as far away as possible, preferably more than 5 meters. If the distance is too close, the outdoor antenna will receive the indoor amplified signal, and after amplification, it will cause "self-excitation". It has to be as far as possible, or at least there is a wall between them. If the effect is not good, try to move the distance further.