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Latest Company Case About One-Take-One Elevator System
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One-Take-One Elevator System

 Latest company case about One-Take-One Elevator System
Date: Mar.13 2019
Address: Laoyu Village Building, N0.13 PingJi Avenue, LongGang District, ShenZhen City.
1.The environmental survey
1、There are two elevators on the building, located in City area in Shenzhen, good
signal strength outdoors.
2、Pictures of the building:
3、Surrounding on the roof:
no any base station in the sight.
4、Signal Strength on the Roof.
The calling signal frequency of China Mobile is GSM900Mhz, excellent signal strength with -51dB.
The calling signal frequency of China Mobile is WCDMA2100Mhz, excellent signal strength with -57dB.
China Telecom has installed their signal systems in the building, so we don’t need to deal with the Telecom signal to avoid any signal conflict.
5、Survey of elevator and its signal
Elevator Surrounding:
Check inside the elevator, both of China Unicom and China Mobile is out of service.
Based on the above information:
1, Good Mobile & Unicom signal strength on the roof.
2, No any signal inside the elevator from Mobile & Unicom
3, 25-floor height
One-Take-One Elevator System would be adopted to cover elevator shaft and the
elevator box to keep the stable calling signal when elevator is working.
The Schematic Diagram as follows,
Device: 900/2100Mhz One-Take-One Elevator Dual band System.
3. Construction Wiring
After the test, the RU’s signal outputs of 900Mhz & 2100Mhz are +17dbm, which could ensure the signal coverage of the elevator.
Elevator 2, the RU’s 900Mhz has a full output power +17db, and output power of 2100Mhz is a litter weaker : only +08 db.
5.Testing in the elevator box.
When elevator is working from 1st floor to 25th floor, the signals both of Mobile and Unicom are full bar with fluent calling and clear voice.
In the low floors, the Mobile signal strength could reach -43db with fluent calling and clear voice.
In the low floors, the Unicom signal strength could reach -55db, with fluent calling and clear voice.


Before offering solution and starting to construct, the below information should be known in advance,
1, the frequency requested
2, the signal strength needed to achieve.
3, the floors of the building.
Based on the information offered, when the booster has full output power, we could use standard kit of elevator shaft system to solve the signal coverage problem for within 10 floors.
To solve the signal coverage problem more than 10 floors but within 30 floors, One Take-One Elevator System could be adopted.