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Workshop Coverage Solution

Workshop Coverage Solution

Workshop Coverage Solution

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Weak 2G 3G signal and no 4G signal. Dropped calls and poor internet access.

The coverage area is scattered, and the workshop structure is complex. Some area is interlining.

Building materials are also complicated with glass, brick walls, and color steel plates altogether.

Customer needs the signal for all local carriers, yet 4G signal loss is large, and the periodic line is long.


  1. Confirm with the customer the present signal strength, the carrier, frequency, area in need of signal coverage, and if they have floorplan CAD.
  2. We analyzed each detail on the CAD. According to the coverage area and customer needs, we found the most suitable outdoor cable line position, then designed the shortest periodic line accordingly, and used the shortest 1/2 outdoor cable line with least signal loss.
  3. Due to different construction materials, we decided to use one ceiling antenna-server antenna in every 2 offices with glass or brick walls, while one server antenna in each one office with color steel plates wall. Because signal loss is bigger in the latter case.
  4. For the reason that 4G signal will lose more, we recommended customer to use 1/2 cable line.
  5. According to the environment, we concluded that coupler was more suitable than divider. And construction is much less difficult.
  6. Between two unblocked places on the roof, we chose the one with a better signal.

Result and Effect

We made the 1/2 cable line with correct connector, and connect the input end, output end, and coupling end precisely accurate. After rigorous construction, each of 2G, 3G and 4G signal became much stronger in the testing instrument. Then we attenuated the parameter in accordance with the actual data and restarted the host for customer’s own testing. They were satisfied with the signal coverage, and no more signal issues.