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A complete guideline on boosting your mobile signal.

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What Is Mobile Signal Booster?

The cell phone signal booster amplifies the existing poor mobile signal at home, in office, factory, or vehicle. Wherever there is cellular signal from the base station, usually 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE, the mobile signal booster helps to receive a signal and to boost it up to a much higher grade.

Benefits of Cellular Signal Booster

All in all, a cell phone signal booster brings us more communication convenience.

  • No more dropped calls
  • Great audio quality
  • More timely SMS
  • Faster network
  • More simultaneous users
  • Longer battery life
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Pay Attention to Quality

When buying from China, it is important for you to be careful and understand that a cheap price could lead to second-hand components, false guarantees, or most importantly, the absence of AGC/ALC.

With ATNJ, we can assure you everything strictly in 3rd party testing standards:

  • 1

    Genuine brand-new components
  • 2

    True AGC/ALC
  • 3

    3 years of warranty
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How It Works

Whether it's for business, home or vehicle, everything works in a similar way.

5 elements to get it done:

Cell tower, there must be existing signal around the area to be boosted;

Outdoor antenna, or a donor antenna, which pulls in the cell tower signal;

ATNJ cell phone signal booster which processes and boosts signal;

Outdoor/indoor cable, which connects the outdoor/indoor antenna to the booster;

Indoor antenna, or a server antenna, which rebroadcast a boosted signal.

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4 Steps to Get Boosted Signal

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Receive Signal

Direct the outdoor antenna towards the cell tower to get an original signal

Amplify Signal

Link the outdoor antenna to the booster with an outdoor cable and power on the booster

Rebroadcast Signal

Link the booster to the indoor antenna with an indoor cable to broadcast the amplified signal

Got Full Signal

Your cell phone gets the 5-bar signal and you enjoy uninterrupted communication

How to Choose the Right Cell Signal Booster?

Don't know how to choose a suitable cell signal booster? Here are some tips:

Different carriers have different frequency bands. Learn necessary info about your operator and your sim card type, choose the booster with the correct frequency accordingly. Generally, a GSM/DCS booster should work for most.

Different base signal strength, different area or the line length, they all require different booster power. Basically, for home, the booster with 5mW to 200mW power is sufficient, while more power is needed for a larger area.

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