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Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

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Potential Challenges

Apartment, mansion, village house, and older buildings are made of materials, including metal, solid foam, fiberglass, and the test, that attenuate a cellular signal. Moreover, the rural area often presents an environment difficult to get a cell signal strong enough.

Missing calls, slow data leading to disconnection, inconvenience, and more dull moment.

Our Solution

Installing a cellular amplifier with ATNJ to rebuild your network coverage could remedy the situation and increase the signal strength significantly.

We help extending a cellular signal for seamless communication and uninterrupted connection at home. No more communication boundaries.

A New Approach to Your Home

In everyday life, a cell phone is becoming more and more important at home, meaning that a consistently strong and reliable cellular signal gets more significant than ever. Yet, dropped calls, obstructed sound, and slow access to internet remain a great headache.

ATNJ will thoroughly analyze your case and rebuild the network to keep your connection strong. With a new lifestyle, keep everything connected seamlessly.

good mobile signal new approach to home

Easy Setup

Just 4 handy steps to get your home cellular signal boosted.
1. Direct external antenna to the cell tower
2. Install your signal booster at home
3. Put your internal antenna to where you need to rebroadcast 5-bar signal.
4. Your cell phone gets a stronger signal allowing for smooth communication.

Install a little bit and leave the rest to our booster. It will work so smartly.

Signal Booster Easy Up for Home

Solution Supported by Performance

Rest assured, we really get your cell signal boosted.

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    5-Bar Signal Guaranteed
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    Up to 80dB Gain
  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 1
    Up to 20000 Sq. M.
  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 1
    All Carriers, All Phones
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    Stronger 2G-4G LTE Signal
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    More Simultaneous

Success Case

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