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Cell Phone Signal Booster for Business

In Business and in Communication

  • Small Office Building Signal Booster Business Application
    Small Office Building
  • Sealed KTV Room Signal Booster Business Application
    Sealed KTV Room
  • Parking Garage Signal Booster Business Application
    Parking Garage
  • Elevator Signal Booster Business Application
  • Cellars and Other Basements Signal Booster Business Application
    Cellars and Other Basements
  • Underground Bar Cafe Signal Booster Business Application
    Underground Bar, Cafe
  • City Tunnel Signal Booster Business Application
    City Tunnel
  • Barren Mine Signal Booster Business Application
    Barren Mine

Potential Challenges

Those large, sealed, underground spaces or sparsely inhabited areas are can make it very hard to get a cellular signal strong enough or to even get very weak fringe reception.

Dropped calls, a slow network resulting in communication interruption, customer complaints, profit lose, even security crisis.

Our Solution

We developed a different network system to fulfill different needs, such as the multi-frequency, combined-path, multi-point coverage network optimization system.

With this, ATNJ helps obtaining much better signal reception for crystal clear calls and blazing fast internet, ultimately lowering communication costs.

Mobile Signal Booster Indoor Micro Distribution System

Innovative Indoor Micro
Distribution System

ATNJ indoor micro distribution system is one of our innovative features and advantages, which makes the network layout more flexible and automatic and, at the same time, the signal coverage broader and smarter.

An intelligent monitoring system:

- Remote monitor from the modem network management center
- Local adjustment using a laptop with access
- Local debugging using an APP in your smartphone

More About This System
  • One Access Unit (AU)

    Introduce the cell site signal to access the unit by RF feeder

  • One Monitor Unit (MU)

    Modem/PC/APP smart detect, auto-network-adapt to avoid self-excitation

  • Several Expand Unit (EU)

    Distribute signal, centralize power supply, monitor smartly, and identify the RU status

  • Many Radio Units (RU)

    A coverage unit to enhance signal, coverage in all domains

Why is this system so outstanding?

  • Multi-Point Network, Greater Coverage
  • Signal Multiply Amplifying
  • Small Footprint, Easy Install, Simple Usage
  • Auto-Adapting System, Auto-Adjusting Data
  • One Power Supply for the Whole System
  • Professional and Simple Test Instrument

Bespoke System Design

20 years of solid experience in signal enhancement provides us with great advantage in analyzing and designing a coverage system for different tricky cases that include a weak signal or dead zone issues.

With ATNJ expertise force, we offer custom system design:

- Rounded floor plan and onsite study.
- Careful conception and serious system design.
- Repeated debugging on site to the best effect.

Engineers Discussing Signal Coverage System Design

Research and Development

Future Proof Your Solution

Always innovating, always in progress. With an experienced R&D team of around 50 team players, ATNJ delivers regular upgrades to ensure that you consistently have a terrific solution.

We in ATNJ believe that science comes from life with the purpose of serving life better. In the past 20 years, we have been researching with a great passion and searching for a better idea, a better booster, leading to a better connection and better experience.

We've never stopped studying, always working for your future.

Research and Development Testing Mobile Signal Booster

Solution Supported by Performance

Rest assured, we really get your cell signal boosted.

  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 1
    5-Bar Signal Guaranteed
  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 1
    Up to 80dB Gain
  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 1
    Up to 20000 Sq. M.
  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 1
    All Carriers, All Phones
  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 1
    Stronger 2G-4G LTE Signal
  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 1
    More Simultaneous

Success Case

Break Any Barrier with ATNJ

  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 2

    For Carriers

    ATNJ signal booster works with all carriers, all networks, all devices, and all phones. Our production process adheres to stringent standards for industry-class quality.

  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 2

    For Agents

    ATNJ guarantees stable product supply for your best profit. And our unparalleled quality is your risk-free assurance.

  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 2

    For Wholesalers

    Certified booster complying with all critical indicators is our standard and the OEM/ODM bespoke frequency booster is never a problem with us.

  • Mobile Signal Booster Diamond Icon 2

    For Retailers

    We have everything you need to enhance your signal service and provide complete 24/7 customer service. Leave your worries to our experts.


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