Why is 5G displayed on the mobile phone but the actual network speed is very weak?


1, Too much signal interference and other mobile signal would interfere with 5G signal in the transmission process, so some of the received signal is affected by interference.

2, At present, most of 5G base stations are NSA base station, but SA 5G station is much better. Now many countries requires their signal operators to build SA 5G station, but it takes a lot of work and time.

3, 5G has typical features, high frequency and short wave, which makes it small signal transmission range and insufficient penetration ability. Therefore, in some areas with high-rise buildings, if the construction of 5g base station is insufficient, 5g signal will be affected, which is also the reason why there is a big gap in network speed in different places.

4, The higher the frequency band of wireless signal, the faster the data transmission speed, but the greater the signal attenuation. Almost all 5G frequencies are above 3G(3.4-3.6G, 4.8-4.9G), but 4G frequencies are between 1.8G and 2.3G. Therefore, the 4G signal attenuation is not big, and has a longer transmission distance and has a larger coverage.

5, Due to a smaller coverage of 5G, its stability would be affected by the moving speed of mobile users. Once the moving speed is too fast, the mobile signal received would be transferred from the current base station to another base station immediately, affecting the 5G signal use. 5G signal coverage is also affected by the geographical environment. For example, we assume a 5G base station can cover a radius of 100 meters, but with the influence of buildings, mountains, trees, the actual coverage will be smaller.