Is mobile signal repeater harmful to people?


Nowadays, 5G mobile phone is becoming more and more popular and almost everyone has one. The main function of a mobile phone is to make a call, and the most important thing is stable signal strength while making a call. WiFi wireless network signal, which is amplification of mobile phone signal function, is covering in many places such as public places, and private home. I think there should be a lot of people who know about mobile signal repeater, but I don't know how many of them know its working principle. People always worry that the radiation of electronic equipment will do harm to human body This article is to tell you the basic characteristics of mobile signal repeater and to solve the question: is a mobile signal repeater harmful to human body?

The electromagnetic signal strength from a mobile signal repeater is very weak. As long as the mobile signal repeater is qualified and produced by regular manufacturers, and its electromagnetic radiation intensity is tested by the national authoritative testing organization like National Institute of Environmental Health China CDC, all samples of electromagnetic signal strength tested is lower than the limited value in GB8702-88 of Regulations for electromagnetic radiation protection stipulated by State of Environmental Protection Agency (This standard in DB8702-88 is only 1 / 5 of the European standard), it wont do any harm to human body.

Therefore, there is no need to panic. The power of a mobile signal repeater is very small (1W), and its working range is around 20-meter to 30-meter diameter, which will not cause any interference to the base station. In addition, mobile signal repeater is only used in some specific occasions, and its impossible to endanger public information security.

The frequency of electromagnetic signals sent from a mobile signal repeater is completely in the working frequency band of mobile phones stipulated by our country. The signals are always in a relatively static and constant state, and will not affect any other electronic equipment, interfere with human brain, nor affect human normal thinking.